31 Creative Uses for a Zipper Pouch

Pouches are not just for kangaroos.  And they're not just for organizing and storing your knitting notions either.  Although that's a really great use for them too.  They are perfect for organizing and storing so many things.  And with several sizes to choose from you can find a Perfect Pouch for just about anything you need to organize.  Here are 31 ways to use a Perfect Pouch.

  1. Knitting/crochet notions
  2. Purse organizer
  3. Coupons/checkbook supplies
  4. Travel case for toiletries
  5. Travel pouch for jewelry
  6. Undergarments while traveling (keeps them out of sight)
  7. Keep travel documents safe & organized
  8. Make up bag
  9. Hair accessories
  10. Mini first aid kit
  11. Medicines & Vitamins
  12. Manicure/Nail Care Kit
  13. Mini sewing kit
  14. Mini travel stationary kit
  15. Crayons, notepad, and stickers for on the go with little ones
  16. Feminine hygiene products
  17. Inhalers/epipens
  18. Chargers/cords
  19. Snacks
  20. Reusable straw/utensils
  21. Cards/game pieces
  22. Small toys
  23. Car activity packs
  24. Baby wipes/mini diaper bag
  25. Extra masks and hand sanitizer
  26. Art supplies
  27. Planner supples:  pens, markers, stickers, ect.
  28. Glasses supples:  wipes, cleaner, mini tool kit
  29. Ipad/Kindle/E-reader
  30. Teacher gift (add some nice pens, a not pad and a gift card)
  31. Bridesmaid gift (add nail care items, lip gloss and a necklace)

Ready to put these hardworking organizers to work?  Find all my zipper pouches here.

How do you use your Perfect Pouches?



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