How To Care For Your Katie Laine Bag

Your new Katie Laine bag just arrived, now what?

A handmade bag can last a long time if cared for properly.  Every Katie Laine bag is made by human hands.  Each one is individually cut, sewn and pressed, one at a time or in small batches.  And because they are handmade, no two are exactly alike.  So the one you received is extra special and unique.  And of course you want to care for it so you can get the most from your bag and have it last a long time.  So here are some tips on how to keep your new favorite bag in tip top shape.

  1. When first removing your new bag from the shipping packaging it may look a little wrinkled and bent out of shape.  Open it up and give your new bag a nice shake and fluff.
  2. To get your bag back into shape dust off your iron, plug it in and warm that baby up.  
  3. Now give your new bag a nice easy press.  For the best press place the bag over the end of an ironing board or place something hard inside the bag to help you reshape it.  
  4. If your bag features a vinyl design make sure not to touch the design with the iron.  Turn the bag inside out or place a pressing cloth over the design before ironing.
  5. Now your new bag should be in tip top shape and ready to use.

So what if your new bag gets a little dirty?  Not to worry, Katie Laine bags are easy to clean.

While most Katie Laine bags can be machine washed, spot cleaning is suggested. If you do machine wash your bag first make sure your bag doesn't have leather handles or any non-washable hardware.  Turn inside out and machine wash on delicate cycle with cool water.  Lay flat to dry and press with a warm iron following the same instructions above.  Remember, machine washing will change the overall structure and look of your bag.  It may shrink and appear less firm and wrinkled.  

Katie Laine bags are made to last and be treasured.  They feature sturdy triple stitched handles and are double interfaced.  But remember, they are made by hand, sewn on a standard sewing machine.  Not made in a factory or on factory equipment.  This is what makes a Katie Laine bag special and unique.  But with a little care your new Katie Laine bag can last you a long time.


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