To Fob or Not To Fob (that is the question)ūü§Ē

What is a key fob wristlet?  And do you really need one?  Today I'm going to explain just what a key fob wristlet is and answer those burning questions.  And the yes, you do.

That is if you have any kind of life at all.  If you're a busy mom, someone always on the go, or even an introvert like me who barely leaves the house, a key fob wristlet is that one item you just can't live without.  Just what is a key fob wristlet?  I get asked this question all the time.  A key fob wristlet is the greatest thing ever since the invention of noise cancelling earbuds.  Actually, I'm not sure which came first (probably the key fob wristlet) but if you live in a house with little ones these two things go hand in hand and are a must have.  Or even if there are no littles in your house a key fob wristlet just makes life easier.  The wristlet, a style of key chain made from sturdy cotton webbing and cute designer fabric, slips easily over your hand, keeping your keys easily accessible and your hands free.

Imagine you've just returned from a trip to the grocery store.  You have your little ones in tow.  You're trying to hold those little hands to keep them from running out into the street, sling your purse over your shoulder, grab the milk and the ice cream before it melts in the summer heat and have your keys ready to unlock the front door so you can get the screaming kids inside before the neighbors look out and think someone is being murdered.  It's enough to drive a mother mad.  

Now imagine if you had a key fob wristlet for your keys.  The little ones might still be trying to run into the street.  The ice cream might still be melting in the summer heat but your keys will be right there on your wrist, within easy reach. So no nosy neighbors peeking out thinking you've got problem children.  

Of course I'm just kidding about the nosy neighbors and screaming children.  But even if you don't have little ones to tote around key fob wristlets are a great accessory to have.  Here are my top 5 reasons you need a key fob.

    1. Keeps your hands free
    2. Ditch the heavy purse
    3. Safety:  keys always securely in hand
    4. No digging around in the bottom of your bag trying to find your keys in the dark
    5. Empty hands means your hands are free for other things like:
      • coffee
      • holding puppies/dog leashes
      • shopping bags
      • pushing the little ones in the swing
      • holding hands

      And of course, they make great gifts.  So, to answer the question "to fob or not to fob" my answer will always be "to fob".  

      If you're ready to start your own fob collections you can find some adorably cute ones here.


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