Meet Katie Laine

It all started with a bag.

And then one more.  

And then another, and another, and then an Etsy shop.  

And before I knew it I was in the bag making business.  That was back in 2016 when I opened my first shop on Etsy - The Handmaker's Bag.

At the end of 2019 the Covid-19 pandemic hit and along with it came lock-downs and a lot more time at home.  In 2020, on a whim I decided to try candle making.  At first just for fun but I loved it so much and experienced first-hand how these wonderful scents could boost my mood or help me relax and unwind.  And I knew they could do that for others too. I knew I wanted to share these wonderful scents with the world and had to make it part of my business.  So I decided to make a change from focusing just on bag making (although I couldn't leave that behind) and Katie Laine Handmade was born where I could share not only the bags I loved to make but also these wonderful scented candles and handmade gifts.

Katie Laine is a bag and gift boutique specializing in handmade luxury items that will make your everyday extraordinary.  From subtle scents and precise stitching, to perfect packaging. At Katie Laine I focus on the small details so you can focus on the bigger picture.

Whether it's a gift for a friend, a candle for a house warming or something for yourself, let's make your everyday extraordinary.




Katherine is originally from Ontario Oregon but grew up in California.  She is the mom of 2 (now grown) children and resides in the Pacific Northwest where she lives with her husband, their two pugs, Lola & Zoey, her daughter and two granddaughters (and sometimes her son's dog, Shyla) on nearly 4 acres of country land.  She loves starting her day with a cup of coffee and her planner and feels blessed to be able to raise her family and run her business from her home in the (sometimes) quiet countryside.  It's sometimes loud, sometimes chaotic, and all the time crazy, but she wouldn't have it any other way.




"Living a creative life and creating a life you love is the greatest gift of all."