Meet Katie Laine

It all began with a bag.

And then one more.

And another, and another, until an Etsy shop was born. Because when you love crafting something so much, you simply can't resist, right?

Katie Laine Handmade sprouted from the creative heart of Katherine, lovingly known as Katie Laine. In 2021, on a whim, she decided that if she adored making these products, you might just fall in love with them too. And well, here we are.

**Why Another Bag Company?**

You might wonder, "Why another bag company when there are already so many?" That's a fantastic question! There's no shortage of great bags out there, from designer to handmade.

But we aimed to be different. We wanted to offer women affordable limited-edition accessories. Not your everyday black and brown options, but bags that bring vibrant color into your world. Bags designed with custom details and unique fabric combinations. Crafted from skin-friendly, 100% cotton designer fabrics, and organic cotton when possible, with delightful touches like gold hardware and hand-cut leather handles and trims. We know some prefer vegan leather, and we're actively seeking high-quality sources to introduce it as an alternative. Oh, and they had to be quilted for strength, durability, and that extra touch of charm.

Throw in matching headbands, scrunchies, or fun wristlet keychains, and we believe that's the perfect accessory combo.

**Beyond Bags: Candles and Pillows**

So, why candles and pillows too? Well, we discovered so many fantastic fabrics that didn't quite fit the bag bill but were perfect for adding pops of color to our surroundings. Throw pillows became the ideal canvas for these unique fabrics. They come with easy openings for seasonal or holiday changes and finished seams inside for lasting beauty and easy care.

And then there's our love for creating a cozy, fragrant atmosphere. But did you know that burning paraffin wax candles releases toxins into the air? We didn't until we dug into the research. That's why we were determined to offer a cleaner-burning alternative. After much exploration, we found that soy wax candles not only burn cleaner and longer but also smell divine. Plus, we use fragrance oils that are carcinogen-free, ensuring you breathe in only goodness. We didn't stop at making them for ourselves; we wanted to share these cleaner options with you too.

**Handcrafted Excellence**

From our quilted and leather-accented bags to our creamy whipped hand cream, everything is meticulously crafted by hand in small batches at our cozy studio in the serene Pacific Northwest countryside. Why small batches? Because that's how we achieve the consistent quality our products are renowned for. We're not just makers here at Katie Laine; we're also customers. We've tested our products rigorously to ensure they meet our high standards. If we don't love them, we won't sell them to you. We believe in offering only what we'd happily buy ourselves.

**Our Mission: Let Your Dreams Blossom**

Our mission is simple yet powerful: to bring color and whimsy to your world by creating items that infuse joy into your life, making every day extraordinary. At Katie Laine Handmade, we hope every one of our products helps you 'Let Your Dreams Blossom.'

Thank you for being part of our journey, where you can truly 'Let Your Dreams Blossom'! 🌈✨


Katherine, the founder of Katie Laine Handmade, embarked on this journey in 2021. Originally from Ontario, Oregon, she spent her childhood in California. She's a proud mother of two grown children and now resides in the Pacific Northwest. Here, on nearly 4 acres of countryside land, she lives with her husband, two pugs named Lola and Zoey, her daughter, and two granddaughters. She starts her day with a cup of coffee and her planner, feeling blessed to raise her family and run her business from her countryside home. It may get loud, chaotic, and downright crazy sometimes, but she wouldn't have it any other way.